School Life

  • Radley is dedicated to providing an education that is accessible to all and, to achieve this, we employ carefully selected educators (guides) who are not only academic specialists with great track records, but who also champion individuality and creativity, and focus on building supportive relationships with those in their care.

  • Individual attention is fundamental to Radley’s teaching approach. Small classes ensure a comfortable and nurturing environment for those first critical years of learning and make it possible to tailor teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each entrepreneur.

  • Radley offers subjects from the CAPS curriculum that are carefully selected to give our entrepreneurs the best possible start for their futures. While our subject offering varies according to demand, we ensure that our curriculum allows our entrepreneurs to access the future diplomas and university courses of their choice. Our primary focus is on mathematics, science and business subjects as we believe these to have a direct impact on future career options, as well as on what is needed to stimulate our economy and drive entrepreneurship. Elements of entrepreneurial learning have been introduced to all our subjects, and entrepreneurship will soon be offered as a separate subject.

  • Radley is building and evolving a unique approach to classroom design that is being widely rolled out. We believe that a classroom should be a place that is conducive to learning, comfortable for leaners and appropriate to the learning styles of individuals. For this reason, our “learner lounges” are an eclectic combination of stand-up desks, classical desks and chairs, exercise balls, couches and oversized bean bags. This combination allows entrepreneurs with different preferences to find the learning context that suits them best.

    Our learner lounges are also equipped with trapezoid-shaped tables that can be reconfigured to form a larger “boardroom table”. Our research has shown that many young people are intimidated when they are first required to make a presentation in a more formal business environment. We aim to normalise the concept of boardrooms and provide our entrepreneurs with multiple experiences in this type of context so – when the time comes for them to enter the business world – it does not feel alien or uncomfortable.

    Each learner lounge also contains a “pitch patch” – a small circular stage topped with artificial grass. The pitch patch is incorporated into lesson plans and requires random entrepreneurs to present to the rest of the class in one way or another. This simple tool is generating excellent results in building the confidence of children who generally do not speak in a public context.

  • At Radley, we prioritise our time with our entrepreneurs to maximise their academic, social and emotional development. To achieve this, we structure the school day so that all entrepreneurs have access to a variety of activities and learning experiences.

    Entrepreneurs can be dropped off at the school at any time from 07:00 and our educator guides will be on hand to supervise them. Between 08:00 and 09:00, our older entrepreneurs can choose between:

    • Entrepreneurial hour and business development
    • Public-speaking opportunities
    • Time in the YouTube studio
    • Homework time in register class
    • Extra lessons
    • One-on-one learning support lessons

    This is an intra-curricular programme as it is compulsory for all entrepreneurs to participate in one of these activities if they are on school property.

    The high school’s formal academic programme commences at 09:00 with lessons structured around break times (or recess sessions). Lessons vary in length from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the requirements of the timetable. The formal academic day ends at 15:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; 14:00 on Tuesday; and 14:00 on Friday. (These times are subject to change.)

    All our educator guides are available to provide academic support to entrepreneurs as needed between 15:30 and 16:30.

    Unique to Radley are Wednesday afternoons during which our faculty members participate in compulsory teacher training and development. This is to ensure that all our educator guides remain at the cutting edge of the teaching profession and are able to deliver on our promises to both our parents and entrepreneurs.

  • Based on global research, it has been shown that children who participate in team sports are much less likely to become entrepreneurs than those who pursue solo sports. For this reason, Radley is not a school that focuses on team sports. We are, however, committed to providing a weekly programme that exposes our young entrepreneurs to a variety of physical activities, exercise, individual sports and pursuits. We also promote healthy living by focusing on the “fuel” that our entrepreneurs put into their bodies, and live this vision in what we serve at our tuckshop.

    To ensure that our school remains a safe and friendly environment, we are dedicated to making Radley a bully- and drug-free zone. We do this through ongoing awareness programmes and continuous stakeholder engagement. We believe that society presents our entrepreneurs with many challenges and that it is part of our job to help them overcome these.

  • For an additional monthly cost, Radley offers its own transportation service for entrepreneurs who live within Randburg, surrounds and the northern suburbs. The school collects and drops off children in and around Ferndale and the Randburg CBD up to William Nicol Drive, the N1, Beyers Naudé Drive, the Cresta Shopping Centre and as far as Lanseria. We can also arrange to transport children outside these areas, as long as it is within a ten-kilometre radius of the school.

    Download transport fees here.

  • A defining aspect of Radley is our school attire. We pride ourselves on nurturing responsible individuals so we favour a flexible dress code over a traditional school uniform while also giving a thought to affordability.

    Radley-branded golf shirts, jerseys and jackets can be purchased from the school, and can be worn with long pants, long shorts or skirts in the Radley colours. Our entrepreneurs are expected to be neat and presentable at all times. This helps them to develop discretion, responsibility and pride in their school and themselves.


  • To ensure that we maintain our high standards of education and the responsible behaviour of all our entrepreneurs, Radley has a code of conduct to which we expect all our learners to adhere. We ask all our entrepreneurs and their parents to familiarise themselves with this code.

    Download Radley code of conduct

  • Click here for term dates and other important events on the Radley calendar.