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Radley Private School is committed to continuing learning during this challenging time. We are working hard to make sure we deliver high quality, innovative learning whilst our school is locked down over this time.We’ve created this page to help support you, learners and parents, by making all the important information available to you in one central place. If there is something you need to know about how we are delivering learning over this time or our latest communication to you, it will all be stored here for your convenience.


Distance Learning Handbook

COVID-19 Lockdown won't stop us learning!

We have put in plans and measures to assist you with continuing learning over this time. Download the latest version of our Distance Learning Handbook that outlines all the key details you need to know about how we plan to continue learning over this period. No matter how long lockdown continues, we will learn!

Notice from our principal

Ensuring that learning continues over lockdown is very important to Radley Private School. We believe that if this time is used productively and well that learning can continue in a very manageable and productive fashion. 

In order to ensure it does we need the help of our Parents and Guardians since our teachers can’t work with all our precious minds face-to-face. We are fiercely committed to making this process as easy and practical for Parents and Guardians as possible and so we have created a handbook that you can download and use to guide through this time. We are committed to keeping this up to date and will send you any updates when we have them. 

Please see the handbook for download below as well as a collection of all the important communications so that if you happen to miss one of our communications you can find it here. 

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to get in touch with us anytime by emailing info@radley.co.za.

 Yours in educational excellence

Stephanie Olivier


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