Who is Radley

Against the backdrop of rising unemployment among school leavers and even university graduates, Radley believes that meaningful and relevant education is about far more than curriculum content and passing grades. Our dedicated and experienced teachers are trained in the use of methodologies that foster independent and creative thinking, resourcefulness and a love of learning, because these are the skills that will best serve our youth as they progress through school, university and the world of work – whether as corporate employees, professionals or business owners.

Our holistic approach to education is not just about balancing work and play … It is also about creating a sense of community through collaboration and communication with parents and the surrounding community. Our foremost priority is the welfare and progress of every learner, and we strongly encourage parents to become involved in school activities and to support their children both academically and emotionally.

There are three primary areas on which we focus – right from Grade 00 all the way through to Grade 12:

The personal

The Radley approach is designed to ensure that each child is celebrated for their own unique set of strengths and weakness, for their talents, for their characteristics and for their idiosyncrasies. This journey of knowing oneself begins in pre-primary school and progresses right through to matric and beyond. It is important for children to learn who they are and their uniqueness in the world, as these are important building blocks of self-esteem, empathy and personal power.

The academic

Despite the many failings and criticisms of the global education system, the reality is that academics count. Rightly or wrongly, academics have become a proxy for the world of work as they are used to determine an individual’s level of discipline and their ability to progress. At Radley, we take academics very seriously and strive to ensure that every child receives the best possible academic credentials. However, beyond this and beyond good grades, we aim to provide a good, well-rounded education. Radley entrepreneurs are exposed more broadly to academic theory and are encouraged to integrate their learning into real-life, practical application.

The entrepreneurial journey

The younger a child is exposed to and marinated in the language and concepts of entrepreneurship, the more likely he or she is to assimilate these ideas into both consciousness and sub-consciousness. This, we believe, provides our young entrepreneurs with an incredible advantage in a future world where finding a job is becoming more and more challenging. Our entrepreneurial programme is integrated into every lesson plan of every subject from Grade 00 to Grade 12 on a progressive basis. Radley entrepreneurs are exposed to business, to entrepreneurs, to leaders and to lateral thinkers so that interactions with these types of people become normal and commonplace in their upbringing.

The Radley logo


As a school that focuses on entrepreneurship, we believe our visual identity should reflect that mission and purpose. For this reason, we have done away with the traditional school badge and developed a fresh, modern logo that reflects our innovative approach to education.

Taking its inspiration from the Greek symbol for change – Delta – our new logo symbolises our ability to change and adapt, to be flexible, to meet new challenges and to constantly build and improve on our educational offering. It also represents the relationship between the school, the parent and the entrepreneur. In effect, it shows the collective marinade of the child’s future success.



r symbol red


The look is clean and modern with a simplicity that conveys strength and boldness, and it sets us apart from other educational institutions.